Heritage Village

Heritage Village at the Great Geauga County Fair is a place for educational demonstrations of traditional American handicrafts of the mid to late 1800s. I was invited to demonstrate scrolling for the first time in 2021 and wanted to display examples of what can be made with a scroll saw in addition to actual cutting with my c.1890s treadle scroll saw.

Since this was my first time at Heritage Village I needed some kind of shelf system that could be easily broken down and fit into my SUV. That accomplished I collected a variety of projects that could be cut with a scroll saw along with 2 posters; one detailing the history of scrolling and the other detailing the history of my New Rogers treadle saw.

I went there strictly for educational purposes. Other demonstrators also did their craft as a business and were allowed to sell products. Although I didn’t have anything for sale, the interest of some of the visitors to my display encouraged me to do so. Something I will consider in the coming year.

Of course I had to cut something while I was there so I had a couple of projects readied to work on to show off the saw. Once cut they were giveaways for the kids that visited.