Adirondack Chair

 A combination of straight lines and gentle curves is the signature of the Adirondack chair.  While many variations on this chair can be found, it has essentially remained unchanged from it’s earliest form at the mountain retreats of the late 1800s and early 1900s.  To make sure they last, we chose cypress wood (because of its natural rot resistance), used all stainless steel fasteners (to avoid staining), plugged all holes (for smoothness and appearance), and applied OneTIME® wood preservative (guaranteed to last at least 7 years outdoors).  All this to create a quality piece that will last years with minimal maintenance.
Yard_Adirondack01 Yard_Adirondack02
Yard_Adirondack04 Yard_Adirondack03
Yard_Footstool01 Yard_Footstool02

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